Create A Free eCommerce Website in Blogger With Bkash, Rocket, Nagad Payment Gateways

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In this video, I have shared how to create a free eCommerce website in blogger with sora shop blogger template. And how to add Bkash, nagad, rocket, bank transfer, and cash on delivery payment gateways in ecommerce blogger template. Your site visitor can place order and you will get order all informations in your Gmail acccont. This is very easy to use and customizable template.

🌐 Download Sora Shop Template https://wpmethods.com/sorashop

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🌐 How to Buy Domain https://youtu.be/dBzlaSNiNDk
🌐 How to Connect Domain to Blogger https://youtu.be/rVaHzfuXGss
🌐 How to Create a Logo Without Software https://youtu.be/cQgXcWw70H0

.........Parts Of This Video......
1. Intro 00:00
2. Create Blogger Site 0:01:34
3. Download Sora Shop 0:04:40
4. Upload Blogger Template 0:07:41
5. Publish New Products 0:09:59
6. Add Bkash, Rocket, Nagad Payment Gateways 0:22:37
7. Change Currency $USD to ৳BDT 0:27:26
8. How to Order as a customer 0:32:54
9. Use Template for Mobile Devices 0:42:56
10. How to Change Theme Color 0:43:47
11. How to Change Logo 0:44:34
12. Edit Menus 0:47:55
13. Edit Slider 0:55:28

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